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Oct. 05, 2022

Donations to Medical Causes

We have made the following two donations to provide support for medical professionals devoted to caring for patients in precarious medical environments despite themselves being greatly affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic.


1. Japan Heart International Medical Volunteers (hereinafter referred to as Japan Heart)
Based on their philosophy of providing medical care in areas where it is currently unobtainable, Japan Heart tries to care for people all over the world with the aim of enabling anyone to receive medical care, regardless of country, region, race, politics, religion, or circumstances, and to feel happy that they were born. We sympathize greatly with all Japan Heart activities, and have donated to them as part of our support for its programs. 

Japan Heart

2. The Japan Committee for UNICEF (hereinafter referred to as UNICEF)
We have donated to UNICEF’s Emergency Funds for COVID-19 as part of our support for UNICEF, which provides medical personnel around the world, who are working under pressure caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, with medical equipment and vaccines necessary to provide appropriate medical treatment and ideally to help end the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donation amounts

1. Japan Heart: 150 million yen
2. UNICEF Emergency Funds for COVID-19: 50 million yen