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Correction of results forecast (through term) for
March 1999 period (17th term)

As for the results forecast for March 1999 period (April 1, 1998 ~ March 31, 1999), the results forecast at the time of interim report on November 5, 1998 is to be corrected as follows.

1. Correction of results (individual) forecast
Through term (April 1, 1998 ~ March 31, 1999) Unit: million yen

Sales Ordinary profit Profit of current term
Previous forecast (A) 208,000 800 -850
Current correction (B) 211,000 1,790 20
Amount increased
(B - A)
3,000 990 870
Increase percentage 1.4% 123.8% -
(Note) In the results forecast currently corrected, the corporate tax and inhabitants tax are included in the business tax.

Reasons for correction
In the domestic personal computer market, products for individuals showed a buoyancy as the eagerness to buy was enhanced due to the sale of "Windows 98" and "iMac" in the last summer; also the prices were reasonable, multi-function and diversified thin light-weight note-type personal computers and space-saving desk-top computers were released. Those for corporate continued to be sluggish as a whole, but as a result of the decision on the infusion of official money to the banks, the reluctance to lend tended to lessen and the mind to investment in the information industry was improved.

Under such circumstances, we endeavored to increase the sales and was able to realize an unexpectedly remarkable expansion of the sales for March period at the end of the term although there was no big business. As the prices of products did not drop because of tight products atmosphere, the rough profit rate was improved, and we tried to reduce the expenditures with a sense of crisis about the operating loss in the first term and consequently were able to greatly restore the profits in the second term.

As mentioned above, both the current account and current income will be better than previously anticipated.

Previous term results (April 1, 1997 ~ March 31, 1998) Unit: million yen

Sales Ordinary profit Profit of current term
Individual through term 196,387 1,066 502

Incidentally, regarding the consolidated results forecast, we will announce it later after finishing the arrangement.
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Apr 1, 1999