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"House of Personal Computers" Fukui Shop was opened.

The personal computer store "House of Personal Computers" Fukui Shop (Maiya-cho, Fukui) under the direct management of DIS Information Equipment Trading Co., Ltd. (President: Katsuhiro Umezawa) was opened on 6th. This is the 7th shop as "House of Personal Computers" throughout the country.

The "Hanando" area where Fukui Shop was opened is a place of severe competition with as many as seven computer shops lined up, and the newly opened shop is regarded as No.1 shop in the area because of its scale and products in stock. Moreover, reflecting the personal computer fever of recent consumers, many people began to gather at the shop in the previous night and more than hundred persons formed a line there before opening of the shop at 10 a.m. where personal computers like iMAC now much talked about, software and peripheral equipment attracted special attention.

Also, the latest types of equipment with excellent functions attained popularity, and the total sales in two days of 6th and 7th amounted to 50 million yen.

Those who concerned in the district are expectantly saying "Fukui prefecture is a best place to live in and very high in the standard of education and culture, and is ranked top with Toyama prefecture in the propagation of personal computers. We should like the store to spread the root here as the "House" of No.1 shop in the district."


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Mar. 6, 1999