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Kanto Distribution Center, one of the tops in Japan

The group company, DIS Distribution (President: Mitsuru Yokoyama), opened Kanto No.2 Center (two-storied building, floor area: 7,810 sq. meter) and No.3 Center (one-storied building, 4,267 sq. meter) in a place adjacent to Kanto Distribution Center in Kasu, Saitama city, on March 4.

As a result, Shin-Kanto Center has become a huge distribution center of which the site area is 31,700 sq. meter, building area 15,292 sq. meter and floor area 21,059 sq. meter (about 6,370 tsubo).

Furthermore, both No.2 (for big articles) and No.3 (for small articles) are furnished with up-to-date automatic warehouse functions the same as the conventional No.1 (for big and small articles) center. For example, large pallets carried in are separated into small parts every case for the storage and delivery. The operation is not manual but of course computer-controlled. In addition, DIS-NET of which DIS group boasts functions to remarkably enhance the speed and accuracy, the substantial points of distribution. For instance, it can be seen in the marvelous value of accuracy mis-delivery ratio that is less than 1:100,000.

In this sense, Shin-Kanto Center is one of the tops among many distribution warehouses in Japan judging from its scale and up-to-date functions.

Incidentally, the Center is located within the Kasu distribution housing area two minutes from Kasu Interchange of Tohoku Highways and is easy of access, 50 km from the metropolitan area. "We have completed a new business base to survive in the 21st century, building up a distribution network with 13 centers throughout the country from Hokkaido to Kyushu, and are able to make speeded-up quick-delivery to the users from nearby centers in cooperation with DIS-NET system. Now we should like to concentrate all our energy on the sale" said the president Mitsuru Yokoyama.

The industry is also expecting as Norio Saito, managing director of NEC, is commenting "In addition to quantity expansion, a trend of the times is requiring much more types and higher frequency, that is, quantity, quality and speed. The Distribution and DIS are expected to cooperate with each other like the two wheels of a cart."


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Mar. 4, 1999