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Renewal of the home page of DIS Technical Service Co., Ltd.

DIS Technical Service Co., Ltd.. (Capital: 29 million yen, President: Kanji Kato) supporting C/S section of Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. complePHONEy renewed the design of its home page on August 23.
(Home page address

The new home page is intended as follows
1. Showing a strong attitude as a general personal computer support business company.
2. Mentioning the contents of the services on the top page in the form of a menu to make them easier for all the customers to use and setting up such a constitution that the desired contents can be found any time the same as the home page of our company.

Technical Service is determined to continue making efforts to improve the contents of the services in both quality and quantity including the home page and to offer useful information to all of you as a general support enterprise of personal computers.

We sincerely wish to be favored with your kind patronage the same as before.

DIS Technical Service Co., Ltd. home page


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Aug. 23, 1999.