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End/March 1999 Brief Note of Settlement

Here we inform you that the decision was made on the merger of our company and DIS Computer Trading Co., Ltd. on January 1, 2000 at the directors' meeting held on May 18, 1999.


1. Purpose of merger
Our company has decided to merge DIS Computer Trading Co., Ltd., its 100%-invested subsidiary company, into it on January 1, 2000. DIS Computer Trading Co., Ltd. (hereafter "Co. B") was established in December 1992, making a similar start to that of our company as a trading company mainly handling the products of Apple Co. and Compack Co. which were then obtaining the shares.

At the initial stage, our company dealt with domestic makers such as NEC, etc. while Co. B mainly with foreign makers, thereby separating the customers, and at the same time, there were merits of such separate operations in various points such as strengthening of the relation with the supplier makers, accumulation of product knowledge and technology.

However, as the promotion of computer-to-computer connection and muti-vendor systems by network is very remarkable these days in the personal computer market, and it has become difficult for our company and for Co. B to handle the products of only one maker because of the demands of the customers, and both companies are now handling the products of many makers.

Accordingly, we made the decision on the merger this time considering that the combination of the two companies same in type of business is best for the improvement of management efficiency and the expansion of business operation by the total power of both companies.

2. Detail of merger

(1) Schedule of merger  
    Directors' meeting for approval of merger contract Oct. 24, 1999
    Signing of merger contract Oct. 25, 1999
    (General meeting for approval of merger contract of company merged Nov. 26, 1999)
    Date of merger Jan. 1, 2000
    Registration Jan. 4, 2000

(2) Style of merger
    It is a simplified style of merger with Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. acknowledged to continue, and DIS Computer Trading Co., Ltd. will be discontinued.
  (3) Merger percentage
    Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. possesses all the stocks of DIS Computer Trading Co., Ltd. Therefore, all the stocks are to be repaid free of charge and there will be no issue of new stocks as a result of the merger.
  (4) Merger subsidy
    There will be no merger subsidy.
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May 18, 1999