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Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.

Daiwabo Information System Presents Strategic Products Lineup for Corporate Market

Daiwabo Information System (DIS; Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; President and CEO: Hirokazu Matsumoto) began selling the “DIS Appliance” package model series of all-in-one servers preinstalled with Turbolinux Appliance Server 1.0 by Turbolinux. This series enables customers to easily introduce a highly functional sever without the hassles of tedious setup, etc. DIS is using this series as a foothold for expanding server sales to the corporate market.

DIS Appliance combines the “Turbolinux Appliance Server (TLAS) 1.0” software for appliance server made by Turbolinux (headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Koichi Yano) and the “Express 5800/G” server made by NEC (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Akinobu Kanasugi), or the “Sun Fire V6” server made by Sun Microsystems (headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Dan Miller).

DIS Techno Service, the DIS affiliate in charge of service and support, will combine the aforementioned products, install the necessary software and make all settings in response to the customer’s request. The customer gets an all-in-one server that does not require tedious setting.

DIS also provides complete support that includes 3 months of free telephone support about settings, use, etc. from the date of purchase. Therefore, even offices that do not have a specialized engineer to manage the server can easily introduce and install the server.

The DIS Appliance Series has two models.
• DIS Office Appliance

DIS Office Appliance is a preset all-in-one server for SOHO, stores and factories that can be used as soon as it arrives. It meets a wide range of demands as a file server with automatic backup as well as a DNS server for open web and e-mail, and comes with VPN terminal capabilities for customers that have multiple branches. It additionally allows customers to easily build a highly secure virtual office with encrypted communications so that the office can be accessed from a remote PC, notebook computer or PDA using an ID and password.

Main Functions
Web server, mail server, DNS server, DHCP server, proxy server, LDAP server, file server with automatic backup, firewall, VPN between nodes, remote access VPN

NEC Express 5800/110Ga + Turbolinux Appliance Server 1.0 WorkGroup Edition

• DIS Hosting Appliance
DIS Hosting Appliance is a virtual domain server and the successor solution to “Cobalt RaQ”. A free migration tool is offered for customers who use “Cobalt RaQ 3, 4 and 550”.

<Main Functions>
Virtual domain server (Web server, mail server, SSL communications, CGI script and PHP script for each virtual domain)

• Entry model
NEC Express 5800/110GR-1a + Turbolinux Appliance Server 1.0 Hosting Edition (Can be configured for software mirroring.)

• Advanced model
Sun Fire V60x + Turbolinux Appliance Server 1.0 Hosting Edition (HardRAID ready)

DIS received the following endorsements for this announcement.

Itsuto Hamazaki,Client Server Sales Department Manager, Partner Business Sales Division

“NEC welcomes the launch of ‘DIS Office/Hosting Appliance’. The combination of the richly expandable Appliance products from Turbolinux, an Express 5800 server, which is the biggest selling IA server, and the strong support of Daiwabo Information System will definitely bring many customers a system they will be satisfied with.”

Sun Microsystems
Toshiaki Sakai, No. 2 Partner Sales Dept. Manager, Sales Administration Div.

“Sun Microsystems welcomes the launch of the ‘DIS Appliance’ series by Daiwabo Information System. We expect these products will be widely used as the successor solution to “Sun Cobalt ™” with its base platform of our ‘Sun Fire ™ V60x’ and ‘Sun Fire ™ V65x’. Sun Microsystems will continue to collaborate with Daiwabo Information System in providing customers with the best secure solution possible.”

Koichi Yano, President and CEO, Turbolinux

“Turbolinux welcomes the launch of DIS Appliance. With all networks connected by broadband, many companies today want a solution that allows them to easily build flexible web services. ‘DIS Appliance’ is a revolutionary solution that allows anyone to easily start an internet business. I am certain it will reach a wide range of customers because of DIS’s nationwide network.”

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August 26, 2004