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  Name of the Company Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd
Representative Mitsuru Yokoyama, President and CEO
(Code # 9912, Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange, 1st Section)
Head Office 2-5,3-chome, Hommachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Contact person Koyama, General Affairs Sect.
(Public Relations)
TEL +81-6-6281-9100

Electronic account information will be located at the following web address

At a meeting of the board of directors held on March 26, 2003, it was decided that, based on Item 3 of Article 16 of the Law for Special Exceptions to the Commercial Code Concerning Audits, Etc., Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd., will publish account settlement information (balance sheets and profit and loss statements) in an electronic form (i.e., on the company's web site) from the 21st fiscal year (March 2003) forward. The electronic publication will provided in addition to the daily paper publication stipulated in the company's articles of incorporation and, thus, presentation of account information in said daily paper publication will continue.


Note: The balance sheet and profit and loss statement for the 21st fiscal year are scheduled to be presented at the web address listed above after they have been reported at the 21st general shareholders meeting, which is scheduled for June 2003.

For questions regarding this issue, contact
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
Contact person: Koyama
PHONE +81-6-6281-9100
FAX +81-6-6258-9351
March 27, 2003