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   Name of the Company Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd
Representative Mitsuru Yokoyama, President and CEO
(Code # 9912, Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange, 1st Section)
Head Office 3-2-5, Hommachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Contact person Saito, General Affairs Department
(Public Relations)
TEL +81-6-6281-9100

Kitting Center Established, Includes Focus on Network Asset Management

DIS Technical Service Co., Ltd., (head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, president: Hidetoshi Takahashi) established its Kobe Kitting Center (which includes an emphasis on network asset management) on December 1, 2001, and began operating the same on December 3. DIS Technical Service Company is a comprehensive PC support/service business and is a subsidiary of Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd (head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, president: Mitsuru Yokoyama).

DIS Technical Service has a support system that covers products made by all PC manufacturers. Their know-how encompasses not only the individual products but also combinations of those products and the compatibility between them. At its Tokyo Kitting Service Center, the company is already using that know-how to provide such Kitting services as adding peripheral equipment, installing applications, and conducting operation checks before shipping a computer to a user (depending on the user's needs).

In addition to such traditional Kitting services, a newly conceived Kitting center that includes network asset management services has been established inside the Kobe Physical Distribution Center.

With the growing trend of networking personal computers, it is becoming increasingly important for user corporations to manage the IP addresses of information devices and the versions and licenses of operating systems and application software. These management operations are remedial and time consuming tasks for IT managers, but the work load related to these tasks can be reduced and reliable network asset management can be accomplished by conducting Kitting at the time of shipping and shipping the equipment with these tasks already completed. Thus personal computer shipping that is optimized to the user's needs can be accomplished.

In addition to its 365-day-per-year telephone support and its onsite maintenance (wherein repair personnel are dispatched to complete repairs on the user's premises), DIS Technical Service is also placing emphasis on its Kitting service and striving to raise customer satisfaction to a higher level under the motto "Speed Kind."

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December 3, 2001