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DIS Technical Service Acquires ISO9001 Certification
for PC Support Service

On October 22, 2001, DIS Technical Service Co., Ltd., (head office: Osaka, president: Hidetoshi Takahashi) was certified under the 2000 version of the international quality management standard ISO 9001. DIS Technical Service Company is a comprehensive PC support/service business and is a subsidiary of Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.

Technical Service Company obtained certification under the year-2000 version of the ISO quality standard for the site design and services offered at its Hardware Technical Center, which is a call center inside the company's Tokyo 1st Technical Center that responds to initial defects and other hardware trouble, and at its Tokyo 2nd Technical Center, which offers carry-in and onsite maintenance.

E-business has expanded to include a wide variety of entities ranging from large corporations to SOHO (small and home businesses) and from young people to senior citizens, making personal computers and the Internet a vital part of our daily lives. In view of this societal trend, it is believed that the need for reliable support services will continue to increase.

In May 1999 DIS Logistics Company, which is a Daiwa Information System group company (DIS group company, i.e., a subsidiary of Daiwa Information System Co.) that supports rapid delivery systems for personal computers and peripheral equipment, obtained certification under the ISO 14001 for environmental management systems. Thus the products handled by DIS group companies are transported along distribution routes that are designed to reduce the burden on the environment and are supported by a quality-managed support service.

DIS Technology Service is moving forward with acquiring and expanding technical centers in Osaka and Nagoya plans to complete a national network that can provide high-quality support services in the near future.

1. Certifying Institution : QA Registration Center, Japan Management Association
2. Registration Number : JMAQA-1138
3. Registration Date : September 21, 2001
4. Expiration Date : September 20, 2004
5. Description :
(1) Hardware Technical Center inside Tokyo 1st Technical Center
Certified design and services provided in relation to call center that responds to initial defects and other hardware trouble.
(2) Tokyo 2nd Technical Center
Certified design and services provided in relation to carry-in and onsite maintenance.

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October 29, 2001