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Daiwabo Information System and IBM Japan
Join Hands in Internet Sales Venture
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Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.

IBM Japan, Ltd.

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; president: Mitsuru Yokoyama) and IBM Japan (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; president: Takuma Otoshi) announced that they will begin cooperating on an internet sales business conducted by IBM Japan.

Currently Internet sales (online sales) in which the customer purchases products directly from the manufacturer via the Internet are on the rise in the PC industry. In order to conduct Internet sales, however, it is vital to link inventory, product distribution, and other systems in addition to constructing the sales web site. In short, the key to success is the creation of a so-called SCM (supply chain management) system.

In order to improve IBM Japan's situation in this regard, DIS will provide IBM Japan with inventory and product distribution functions for a portion of the products sold on IBM Japan's sales web site, DIS's advanced SCM system is connected to and when IBM receives an order via, DIS ships the products directly from one of its twelve distribution centers located throughout Japan. With the construction of this infrastructure, next business day service(*) was realized on Currently about 40% of customers who place orders via use this service.

Related products made by manufacturers other than IBM Japan are also stocked in DIS's distribution centers so that printers, digital cameras, and other peripherals for PCs can also be purchased on Thus IBM Japan is offering one-stop shopping to its online customers.

By expanding the sales structure of through this cooperation, DIS will expand its income and IBM Japan will promote the sale of PC products and improve the service offered to its customers.

* Next Business Day Shipping Service
This service was started on on July 9 of this year. When an order is placed by noon using a credit card or the ORIX EC service (a corporate internet payment service requiring membership), the product is shipped on the following business day. Products for which next-day shipping is available are indicated with a next business day shipping mark. Currently over 70 PCs and optional products offer the service, including digital cameras and other peripherals not made by IBM.

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (DIS)
DIS is listed in the first section of both the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange. DIS is an independent personal computer dealer and is one of the largest in the Japanese PC industry. As a multi-vender, we boast superior procurement capabilities from major PC and peripheral manufacturers and the strongest overland delivery system in Japan (over 60 branches and 12 automated warehouses throughout Japan).

IBM Japan
IBM is the largest provider of information technology (hardware, software, and service) in the world. The Japanese subsidiary of the IBM group was established in 1937. With the integrating capability derived from its wide range of products, services, and skills and the global aspect derived from its worldwide business expansion, IBM Japan is expanding its business while focusing on "e-business", which constitutes a reform to business processes that is based on IBM's overall theme of networks.

IBM is a trademark of IBM Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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September 20, 2001