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Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
IT Agent Co., Ltd.
New B to B to B/B to B to C System Called
"EC Bugyo for iDATEN" to Start Up in April

In April 2001, IT Agent Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called ITA (*1); head office: Daito-ku, Tokyo; representative: Akio Eshi, President and CEO), and Daiwabo Information System, Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called DIS (*2); head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; representative: Mitsuru Yokoyama, President and CEO), will begin using DIS's store-oriented extranet system iDATEN (*3) to provide a B to B to B/B to B to C system called "EC Bugyo for iDATEN" as an ASP service. The new system functions as a tool for constructing electronic commerce (EC) web sites.
EC Bugyo for iDATEN is based on "EC Bugyo (*4)," a system provided by OBIC Business Consultants Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called OBC; head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; representative: Shigehumi Wada, President and CEO). By sharing data with iDATEN, the new system can fulfill the most important role required of an EC web site: the role of product master. The new system provides access to the 350,000-item product database of iDATEN and enables same-day delivery service using DIS's 12 automated logistic centers located throughout Japan.
EC Bugyo for iDATEN makes it possible to greatly reduce the work associated with such key EC web site operations as the registration work of the product master and the management of orders for product inventories and buyers.
DIS and ITA will be offering EC Bugyo for iDATEN as a low-cost ASP service (price still not established). Focusing on the personal computer industry, the two companies will also offer consulting services regarding EC web sites for computer related products.

Features of EC Bugyo for iDATEN
(1) Product Data
Data for approximaPHONEy 350,000 computer related items can be used. DIS's approximaPHONEy 30,000-item inventory information can be used as a virtual warehouse.
(2) Payment functions
The following payment methods can be supported: postal money order, credit card, wire transfer, cash on delivery, cash by registered mail, payment at a convenience store, fax remittance, and traditional billing.
(3) Shop functions
Functions are provided for setting up templates (basic store layouts), designs (backgrounds, buttons, text colors, etc.), membership systems, and delivery fees.
(4) Ordering operations
By linking with DIS's database, deliveries can be made directly from DIS to the end user.

(*1) ITA
ITA was established in April 2000 with a joint capital investment from DIS, Future System Consulting Corp., Itochu Corp., Microsoft Corp., and Shinkin Information System Center. As a member of DIS Group, ITA's main business is providing a variety of services that are specially adapted to the Internet. ITA developed the extranet system iDATEN (*3) to link DIS's and its stores via the Internet and currently provides operational and maintenance services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
As an ASP, ITA started a groupware service called "L-Servo" in October 2000 and plans to offer a variety ASP services in the future.
(*2) DIS
DIS is publicly listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the First Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange and is the largest independent distributor of personal computers (PCs) in the PC industry. DIS boasts superior ability to procure products from major computer and peripheral manufacturers and possesses the most well developed infrastructure in Japan (over 60 branch offices and 12 automated logistic centers throughout Japan).
ApproximaPHONEy 3000 companies are already using the EC store extranet system iDATEN, which was started offering service in July 2000. It is expected that 85% of DIS's total transactions will shift to orders obtained using iDATEN.
(*3) iDATEN
iDATEN is an extranet system for stores that posts approximaPHONEy 350,000 items of information regarding products handled by DIS, as well as approximaPHONEy 30,000 items of inventory information. The system provides functions for conducting product searches, obtaining price estimates, placing orders, and an checking order information over the internet. (The system has been up since July 3, 2000.)
(*4) EC Bugyo
EC Bugyo is a tool for constructing EC web sites for which the shop functions of the front office and the key operations of the back office can be interlocked. Data links with the sales and purchasing software packages "Sho Zo Bugyo" can be automated.

Jan. 26, 2001