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To the members
Company name Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
Representative President Mitsuru Yokoyama
Tokyo and Osaka Securities Exchanges 2nd Section
Head office address 2-5, 3-chome, Chuo-ku Hommachi, Osaka.

Advance into E Commerce for
Personal Computer & Its Related Goods

DAIWABO INFORMATION SYSTEM CO., LTD. has recently agreed with 4 companies - Future System Consulting Corporation, ITOCHU Corporation, Microsoft Co., Ltd.(Head office: in Tokyo/ President: Makoto Naruge) and The Shinkin Banks Information System Center Co., Ltd. (Head Office: in Chuo-ku, Tokyo/CEO: Hiroyuki Takahashi) - to establish the new company "IT. Agent Co., Ltd." selling PC & its related goods with internet under a joint investment. This new company located in Taito-ku, Tokyo aims at becoming the biggest selling company of PC and its related goods using freely EC(electronic commerce)will start business from July 3, 2000 and also offer shares of stock for public subscription around 3 years later.

  As the first step, the new company will effectively conjoin the 55 branch office network of Daiwabo Information System (No. l PC distributor) the agent network over 15,000 and logistics infrastructure including l2 automated warehouses making internet technology as the core and also prepare the system capable of backing up the information-oriented investment of enterprises.

  To the more concrete terms, the new company will offer the year-round (365 days and 24 hours) system of accepting orders, confirming inventory and prompt delivery of almost all PC related goods domestically buyable by using 30,000 items in stock kept by DAIWABO Information System through internet. In addition, the new company will reconstruct data over 150,000 items for goods information and also offer the very accurate goods data bases usable by not only users but also the distributors and maintenance service shops under on-line mode.

  Future System Consulting will be in charge of design and construction of the system operated by the new company and ITOCHU using the rich channels such as Excite(portal site)and (on-line securities service)will be in charge of marketing and providing foreign goods.

  As the second step, transactions annually reaching about 200,000 million yen handled by Daiwabo Information System will be successively networked. At the same time, utilizing the high grade know-how possessed by Future System Consulting, ASP(Application Service Provider)business will be spread jointly with Shinkin Information System.
In addition, the investment ratio of each company is expected as follows;
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. 39%
Future System Consulting Corporation. 34%
ITOCHU Corporation. 15%
The Shinkin Banks Information System Center Co., Ltd. 5%
Micro Soft Co., Ltd. 5%
Others 2%


Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. Kawasaki : PHONE: +81-3-3837-7383
Future System Consulting Corporation. Nagami : PHONE: +81-3-5469-6004
ITOCHU Corporation Kitajima : PHONE: +81-3-3497-7293
The Shinkin Banks Information System Center Co., Ltd. Tutumi : PHONE: +81-3-3278-5142
Micro Soft Co., Ltd. Okabe : PHONE: +81-3-4523-3217

Mar. 16, 2000