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Company name Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
Representative President Mitsuru Yokoyama
Tokyo and Osaka Securities Exchanges 2nd Section
Head office address 2-5, 3-chome, Chuo-ku Hommachi, Osaka.

Stock Split-ups (Delivery without Compensation)

Stock split-ups(delivery without compensation)was resolved at our Board of Directors held on February 9, 2000 as follows;
1. Outline of Stock Split-Ups
(1) Method of split-ups
The number of stocks held by stockholders entered in the final stockholders' list and substantial stockholders' list on March 31, 2000 are split up at the rate of one to one stock, provided that odd-lot stocks less than one stock generated from split-ups are collectively sold and its disposing money is distributed to the stockholder yielding odds in proportion of its odds.
(2) The number of stock increased by split-ups
For the par-value common stock, the number of stock is the final total number of stocks issued on March 31, 2000 multiplied by 0.1, provided that odd-lot stocks less one(l) yielded after calculation is omitted.
2. Date of execution: May 22, 2000(Monday)
3. Initial Date of Reckoning Dividend: April 1, 2000(Saturday)
4. Other matters necessary for stock split-ups should be resolved by Board of Directors in future.

1. As The total number of stocks issued may be increased by the convertible bond converted to stock from the date of resolution by Board of Directors to the basic date of split-ups and it is not firmly fixed as of the date of allotment, the number of stock increased is not clarified.
2. The total number of stock issued after split-ups is calculated on the basis of it as of January 31, 2000 as follows;
(1) Present total number of stocks issued: 14,877,267
(2) Number of stock this time increased: 1,487,726
(3) Total number of stock issued after increase: 16,364,993
3. As the amount exceeding total par value inserted in capital is appropriated for split-ups, capital is not increased
Capital as of January 31, 2000: 9,318,140,510 yen


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Feb. 9, 2000