Notice of the PC-Webzine special project: Publication of an English version e-Book
April 21, 2014

Daiwabo Information System has placed the second edition of the English version of the “PC-Webzine Japanese IT Market Report” on the English company website in e-book format, as a special project of the “Monthly PC-Webzine”, the IT-business information magazine published by DIS Artworks, a company of the DIS group.

The “PC-Webzine Japanese IT Market Report” offers helpful content to advanced worldwide IT-players active in the IT business in the global market, through its original interviews and data analysis, and adds information necessary for success in the IT business in the Japanese market. Please read this report, accessible through the “PC-Webzine e-Book” link on the "Strengths of DIS" page.

The above graphic is an image of the front page of the report.

■On the “PC-Webzine”
The "PC-Webzine" is an IT information magazine designed for dealers and wholesalers doing business with Daiwabo Information System. It is designed and edited for readers engaged in the sale of IT products, and offered to them as a "Knowledge Tool for the IT Business", differing in this respect from magazines designed for consumers of IT products. (This website is written in Japanese.)

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