Notice of Co-sponsorship of “Exhibition of Philadelphia Museum of Art - Impressionists and Arts of the 20th Century”
June 25, 2007

As part of our cultural and social contribution program, Daiwabo Information System will co-sponsor the “Philadelphia Art Exhibition - Impressionists and Arts of the 20th Century”, to be held under the auspices of Yomiuri Shimbun.

A total of 77 paintings will be exhibited at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art between 14 July and 24 September. The paintings are by Western master painters from the impressionist age to the modern age and are owned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, where America declared its independence. The exhibition introduces representative 19th and 20th Century painters such as van Gogh and Picasso, as well as the modern arts that developed hand-in-hand with American mass culture.

Renoir's “Large Bather” (1905), which rarely goes outside the USA, will be exhibited in Japan for the first time. The arrival of an exhibition featuring such masterpieces is unprecedented in recent years and is expected to utterly enchant the hearts of art fans. The exhibition will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum between 10 October and 24 December.

Name Philadelphia Art Exhibition - Impressionists and Arts of the 20th Century
Period Between Saturday 14 July and Monday 24 September 2007
Venue Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

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