Cosponsoring of “The Tale of Genji - Beyond the Millennium” Series
March 20, 2007

As one of its cultural and social contribution activities, Daiwabo Information System is cosponsoring “The Tale of Genji - Beyond the Millennium” Series that is being held in commemoration of the 55th year since the Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka published its first issue.

This year marks 1,000 years since the publication of The Tale of Genji, an important cultural heritage of Japan. With this year as a turning point, a two-year event is being held in various cities of the Kinki region.

Participants are invited to explore The Tale of Genji from various interesting perspectives through Hideki Togi's performances of ancient Japanese court music and Machi Tawara's recitals of Japanese poems.

Name “The Tale of Genji - Beyond the Millennium” Series
Period March 24 (Sat), 2007 - November 2008
Venues Kyoto Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture, etc.
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