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September 16, 2015
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.

Daiwabo Information System begins selling the Cisco Systems Gigabit VPN Router “Cisco 841M J series”

– Supports small and medium-sized companies in the easy
construction of a secure environment using a settings screen –

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as DIS; Head Office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; President: Yoshihiro Nogami) has begun selling the Cisco Systems Gigabit VPN Router “Cisco 841M J series” (hereafter referred to as Cisco 841M), which allows small and medium-sized companies to construct a highly secure environment using the GUI screen, in Japanese, at a low cost. The Cisco 841M is the core product of Cisco’s Start series, its new lineup for small and medium-sized companies.

DIS strongly supports end users, including small and medium-sized companies, in their efforts to construct a secure and low-cost environment, with the help of the Cisco 841M, through our roughly 19,000 sales partners, in cooperation with our roughly 90 sales bases across the country.

Loaded with Cisco IOS, with its 30 years of history, the Cisco 841M packages such basic functions as base connection and VLAN control.

■Main features of the Cisco 841M:
  · Monitoring and management of the Internet and in-company network
    Enables off-the-job usage monitoring, and management of the Internet usage situation, by displaying a list of the terminals connected to the Internet and the applications in use.
  · Functions enhanced by the embedded programming environment
    Enables a USB device to back up the memory automatically, at a prearranged time or as soon as it is connected to the terminal, and notifies the administrator by mail when his VPN is disconnected or disabled.
  · Collaboration with security cloud services
    Blocks connections to inappropriate websites, in collaboration with chosen cloud services, and protects PCs and smartphones from viral infection, and fraud and phishing sites.

■Product photos
Front of Cisco 841M Back of Cisco 841M

The Cisco 841M is accompanied by a maintenance agreement, effective for two years after the date of purchase. In addition, it allows GUI setting in Japanese to facilitate introduction in small and medium-sized companies, and provides such companies with information through the community site.

We are accelerating our efforts to increase our presence in the smartphone and tablet device markets, which are currently expanding very rapidly. Constructing stable communication and security environments is a critical requirement for effective utilization of these devices, and the Cisco 841M is the optimal product for constructing such environments.

In conjunction with the launch of the Cisco 841M, we have begun selling the “Cisco Start Pack”, an office solution package to help users construct the optimal office-sized mobile environment. We offer four types of package from the Cisco Start Pack series: Cisco Start 25 for 25 employees, Cisco Start 50 for 50 employees, Cisco Start 100 for 100 employees, and Cisco Start 100-W to equip 100 employees with full-time wireless LAN—all at a low price, and including the office-suitable Cisco 841M, switches, and wireless LAN.

  · Top page of Cisco Start (This website is written in Japanese.)

The community site (CSC) (This website is written in Japanese.)

We aim to sell 15,000 Cisco 841Ms in the initial year, in collaboration with Cisco Systems G.K.

We have received an endorsement from Mr. Shihab Douglah Nakajima, Managing Director. Sales Japan Commercial Segment Operations, Cisco Systems G.K., for this product launch.

Cisco Systems extends a sincere welcome to Daiwabo Information System in its launch of Cisco Start routers and the Cisco 841M J series designed for small and medium-sized companies.
The Cisco Start series was developed to meet the requirements of Japanese small and medium-sized companies. It provides simple, smart, and secure network solutions to companies without IT specialists, at a low cost.
Through collaboration with Daiwabo Information System, with its nationwide sales bases, Cisco aims to make a significant contribution to the business of many small and medium-sized companies.

On Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
DIS is one of the leading distributors of ICT-related products in Japan, handling about 1.9 million items. As a multi-vendor, DIS contributes to the development of the information society, in harmony with the environment, through the provision of high-quality and reliable products to every corner of the country, owing to its unparalleled capability to procure products from a host of major manufacturers of PCs and peripherals all over the world, and its community-based sales system. Further information on DIS is available at:

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