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November 1, 2013
Good Grief!
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.

Good Grief! and Daiwabo Information System release the presentation software
“PeKay's Presentation” for tablet PC terminals

Good Grief! (hereafter referred to as Good Grief!; Head office: Kobe Shi, Hyogo Prefecture; Head of the company: Tamie Asakura) and Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as DIS; Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; President: Yoshihiro Nogami) have agreed to release, on November 1, 2013, “PeKay’s Presentation,” *1 an ideal presentation software program for elementary education, designed to develop children’s 21st-century skills.
*1 The web page for product introduction:

The term ‘21st-century skills’ refers to the overall capacity to thrive in the 21st century, which is characterized by ever-expanding globalization. More than ever, children must develop a capacity to think and judge independently, and to solve various problems in cooperation with others throughout life, using the knowledge and skills they have acquired. Education utilizing information and communication technology (ICT) is rapidly evolving worldwide, with the aim of fostering this capacity in children.

“PeKay’s Presentation” is a presentation software program for Windows-based tablet terminals, developed by Good Grief! with the support of Intel Corporation (hereafter referred to as Intel; Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Makiko Eda) and sold by DIS.

Developed with the aim of being the “world’s easiest presentation software program, making the creation of a presentation truly enjoyable,” “PeKay’s Presentation” offers a host of easy-to-use features, including a wide variety of characters and items, each of which can be used independently as part of a presentation, downloading of image files, and handwritten drawing. Equipped with an intuitive user interface, the program can be used in each developmental stage from lower-level schoolchildren inexperienced in keyboard operation, to higher-level schoolchildren seeking to create a substantial presentation. It is the ideal software program for motivating children and fostering 21st-century skills, including the ability to think and summarize, make a presentation, and communicate with others.

Intel, Good Grief!, and DIS are together staging a “Children’s Presentation Skills Competition: Elementary School Classes Utilizing ICT,” *2 intended to develop children’s ability to make presentations, through classes utilizing “PeKay’s Presentation”; and will begin accepting applications for the competition in conjunction with the release of this product on November 1. All participants in the competition can download “PeKay’s Presentation” (license effective until April 30, 2014) for free until January 15, 2014.

*2 The web page of the “Children’s Presentation Skills Competition: Elementary School Classes Utilizing ICT”:

On Good Grief!
Good Grief! is a company devoted to assisting children in creative activities, and the preparation and delivery of presentations. Dedicated to fostering self-assurance in children through these activities, it has consistently focused on enhancing such activities by developing products, centered on language and story-writing skills, which exploit the advantages of ICT, for supporting creativity and connectivity. It received its second Kids Design Award, for “PeKay’s House,” and its first Good Design Award, as a website for children. It has been certified as a super creator by the Exploratory IT Human Resources Project of the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA). The following web pages introduce the past and present activities of Good Grief!:

DIS is one of the largest distributors of ICT-related products in Japan. Equipped with an unparalleled capability to procure products from major PC makers and peripherals makers from around the world, and a nationwide community-based marketing system, it will continue to contribute to the development of an affluent society in harmony with nature, by providing reliable and high-quality products to every corner of Japan. Further information on DIS is available at

[Roles of each company]

Good Grief!

  ● Design and system development of “PeKay’s Presentation”
  ● Sales of “PeKay’s Presentation” through its roughly 17,000 sales partners across the country
  ● Introductory support involving customized service
Proposal and provision of optimal ICT product configurations including this product and Windows-based tablet terminals

[Sale of “PeKay’s Presentation”]
Developer Good Grief!
Seller Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
Product name PeKay’s Presentation
Price Open price
Starting date of order-taking and shipment November 1, 2013
Delivery method Mail (written material containing downloading instructions and license key)

Congratulatory statements from alliance partners

◆ Intel welcomes the activities of these two companies. In developing human resources capable of taking a leadership role in the global society, it is helpful to foster 21st-century skills in children and students, including the ability to communicate, collaborate, and make a presentation at an early stage in their life. Intel is devoted to expanding and developing such 21st-century skills, and believes that, in addition to facilitating the widespread use of PCs and tablet terminals, developing software programs with user-friendly interfaces is critical to this end. We will continue to support the activities of these two companies by supporting an optimal environment for enhancing children’s skills.
Yoshie Munakata
Vice president
Intel Corporation

◆ Sony Marketing sincerely hopes that “PeKay’s Presentation” will contribute to the development of children’s ability to communicate and make presentations. We will continue to cosponsor the “Children’s Presentation Skills Competition: Elementary School Classes Utilizing ICT”, and provide the education market with hardware solutions and support involving tablet terminals featuring pen and touch operation.
Noriaki Satoh
Senior General Manager
Business Partner Sales Div.
Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.

* Intel and Intel logos are the trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
* All company names and product names mentioned in this news release are trademarks and registered trademarks of the respective companies.

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