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July 11, 2013
Intel Corporation
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.

Daiwabo Information System and Intel Corporation hold a joint competition for children's presentations using presentation software for tablet terminals

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as DIS; Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; President: Yoshihiro Nogami) has agreed with Intel Corporation (hereafter referred to as Intel; Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazumasa Yoshida) to hold a “Children’s Presentation Skills Competition: Elementary School Classes Utilizing ICT” (hereafter referred to as the presentation competition). The two companies have been cooperating to promote the “One Tablet, One Child” educational environment across the country. To promote the realization of this environment, they have decided to hold a competition inviting children to make presentations using “PeKay’s Presentation,”*1 a presentation software program for tablet terminals, with the cooperation of the T21 Project*2 (Manager: Hitoshi Nakagawa, Professor of the Education Support Center of the Open University of Japan). For the presentation competition, DIS distributes the software license, effective from today to the end of April 2014, for free.

The underlying aim of the competition is to design and realize a classroom environment that supports children in developing their individual ability to think and judge, express themselves, and communicate with others, through collaborative learning and the development and performance of presentations. Elementary school teachers across the country are welcomed to organize classes to develop children’s ability to think, communicate and express themselves with the help of the presentation software. They then apply to enter the competition, and outstanding classes will receive a prize. The executive committee will be composed of members of the T21 Project, which aims to develop skills for the 21st century, including Intel officials and Hitoshi Nakagawa, professor at the Education Support Center of the Open University; Hiroshi Hotta, professor at Sonoda Women’s University; and Yukie Sato, professor at Kanazawa Seiryo University. Through the presentation competition, we aim to promote collaborative learning and the “One Tablet, One Child” educational environment; and we will submit our proposal to education committees, schools, and people involved in education throughout the country. (Please click here for further information regarding the presentation competition.)

The presentation software to be used in the competition is “PeKay’s Presentation.” With the support of Intel, Good Grief Inc. (hereafter referred to as Good Grief; Head office: Chuo-ku, Kobe; President: Tamie Asakura) developed this presentation software with the aim of enhancing children’s presentation skills by utilizing information and communication technology (ICT) in the educational environment. “PeKay’s Presentation” is easily operated, even by lower-level school children, and is, in addition, characterized by the optimized touch-and-pen operational performance of tablet terminals, which has led to their increased presence in the educational scene.

Intel has been promoting education to develop human resources capable of playing an active and global role in 21st-century society. As part of this effort, the company emphasizes the importance of providing children with the education, beginning at the elementary level, needed to foster 21st-century skills*3 such as the ability to communicate and make presentations—skills requisite to thriving in the society in which they will grow up.

The two companies provided the following statements to commemorate the launch of the presentation competition.

Yoshie Munakata
Vice President
Intel Corporation

It is important to aid school children, at an early stage, in acquiring the 21st-century skills, such as communication and presentation ability, demanded by contemporary society. I believe that the ability to utilize and exploit ICT such as PCs and tablet terminals enriches their potential and provides the optimal means of developing human resources that can play an active role in the future.

Tatsuya Yasunaga
Senior Managing Director
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.

In order to promote ICT education, it is indispensable to promote a three-in-one packaged system consisting of hardware, software, and support activities for their introduction and operation; instead of a system consisting only of hardware and its operation. We will make every effort to continue to provide optimal means to develop human resources vital to the digital society of the future.

Hitoshi Nakagawa, professor at the Education Support Center of the Open University of Japan, and Chairman of the Review Committee of the presentation competition, noted that “the ability to think, judge and express oneself, which children must acquire, has become an important element even in curriculum guidelines. In particular, it is highly important to promote and realize the presentational environment fostered by this competition, because expressive tools usable in the early elementary school years hardly exist. T21 strongly supports the endeavor to develop classes of this kind.”

This autumn, we will put on the market the release version of “PeKay’s Presentation” software for educational institutions. As part of our education project entitled “DIS School Innovation,” we will market the release version as a total-package solution containing not only tablet terminals for the education market, but also supporting ICT devices such as an electronic blackboard and projector. Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. will participate in the project as the special support company, proposing solutions and offering support to the education market that uses tablet terminals, from the viewpoint of a hardware maker.

Intel and DIS will together continue to contribute to the promotion of an ICT-based educational environment.

On Intel
Intel takes the initiative in developing innovative computing technologies throughout the world. It is developing important technologies embedded in computing devices used in various aspects of life and work. Further information on Intel is available from

DIS is one of the largest distributors of ICT-related products in Japan. Equipped with an unparalleled capability to procure products from major PC makers and peripheral makers from around the world, and a nationwide community-based marketing system, it will continue to contribute to the development of an affluent society in harmony with nature, by providing reliable and high-quality products to every corner of Japan. Further information on DIS is available from

* Intel and Intel’s logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
* Other companies and product names are generally the display, trademark, or registered trademark of the respective companies or products.
* The “PeKay’s Presentation” software is a product of Good Grief Inc. Neither Intel nor DIS can extend technical support regarding the operation of this software. Please contact Good Grief Inc. directly for information on the specifications, quality, reliability, functionality, and compatibility of this software.

Note 1: “PeKay’s Presentation” is presentation software which Good Grief Inc. developed with the assistance of Intel. It is designed for preinstalled Windows OS tablet terminals, and marketed by DIS. It is characterized by the intuitive interface, allowing optimized touch-and-pen operational performance, typical of tablet terminals; and updates the original icons, characters, and graphics featured in the “PeKay’s Little Author” series. In addition, it is enhanced by map symbols usable for mapping, and loaded with new functions such as image insertion and hand-drawing. It enables the development of presentations appropriate to all growth and learning stages, and helps all children, from lower-level students unused to keyboard operation to upper-level students capable of making a substantial presentation, to develop their ability to think, express themselves, and communicate.

  Release version Preview release
※The release version will be launched in or after the autumn of 2013 by upgrading the preview release.
※The following restrictions will be imposed on the preview release from May 1, 2014. You can remove them by purchasing the release version.
No. of presentations Up to 50 Up to 3
(Completed presentation files are not deleted, but the top page lists only the latest three presentations.)
No. of pages 50 Up to 3
(Pages after page 4 of completed presentations are not deleted, and they can be browsed and edited. However, no new pages can be added.)
Please note that the above restrictions will become effective at the end of April 2014.

Note 2: On the T21 Project
The T21 Project is primarily composed of members of the Nakagawa Laboratory of the Open University of Japan and Intel Corporation, and project officials. Project members foster 21st-century skills, and construct and evaluate ICT-based class models for collaborative learning, with the cooperation of university researchers and influential figures studying ICT utilization. At the same time, they provide teachers with guidance and advice for improving their ability to implement ICT-based classroom education, through empirical research projects.
Note 3: On 21st-century skills
21st-century skills are centered on the ability to thrive in today’s digital age, which is characterized by exceptionally rapid change, on an almost daily basis. In the education scene worldwide, various efforts are being made to develop children’s skills-related ability to think and judge for themselves, and to communicate with others. Children are required, over the course of their life, to develop the ability to solve a wide range of problems by utilizing ICT and associating with others in their community and society at large. You can receive further information on such 21st-century skills from the following website.
ATCS21 (Assessment & Teaching of 21st-century skills:

Please direct inquiries to the following addresses.

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Intel Corporation
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Mr. Aoki
Tel: 03-5223-9100 (main)
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
Personnel & General Affairs Dept.
General Affairs Sect.
Mr. Sadakata
Tel: 06-6281-9100 (main)

For media inquiries, please contact
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Details of the competition
  ◆ Distribution of free software
      Website for distribution: (Concluded)
    (This website is written in Japanese.)
       Period of distribution: July 11 (Thu.) 2013 – Jan. 15 (Wed.) 2014
  ◆ Qualification for application
      Elementary school teacher
  ◆ Application period
      Nov. 1 (Fri.) 2013 - Jan. 15 (Wed.) 2014
  ◆ Announcement of results
      Early March, 2014 (tentative)
  ◆ Selection criteria
Applicants must submit relevant material, including course and class plans to develop the ability to think and express oneself using “PeKay’s Presentation” software in an ICT-based class involving collaborative learning. They must also submit a report of the results, presentations made by students, and photos of the class. Selection will depend on whether (1) ICT devices are utilized effectively, (2) “PeKay’s Presentation” is utilized effectively, and (3) the class helps children develop the ability to make a presentation and communicate with others.
  ◆ Judges and judgment method
T21 Project (Hitoshi Nakagawa: professor at the Education Support Center of the Open University of Japan; Hiroshi Hotta: professor at Sonoda Women’s University; and Yukie Sato: professor at Kanazawa Seiryo University)
      Intel Corporation
      Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
      Good Grief Inc.
      Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.
  ◆ Prizes
      First Prize: One teacher
    (Award certificate; Additional prize: ICT and other devices equivalent to \100,000)

      Outstanding Performance Award: Two teachers
    (Award certificate; Additional prize: ICT and other devices equivalent to \100,000)
      Encouragement Prize: A number of teachers
    (Award certificate; Additional prize: ICT and other devices equivalent to \50,000)
      Special Prize from the Supporting Companies: One teacher per supporting company
    (Award certificate; Additional prize: ICT and other devices equivalent to \100,000)
      ※In the event that more than one teacher is involved in a given project,
    each will receive the respective award certificate.
  ◆ Details of the competition are available at the following website: (Concluded)
    (This website is written in Japanese.)