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February 8, 2013
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
President: Yoshihiro Nogami

Empirical Research on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Utilization in the Classroom and the Announcement of 33 Schools Selected to Participate in Empirical Research Relating to the “DIS School Innovation Project”

Daiwabo Information System (DIS) (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; President: Yoshihiro Nogami) has selected 33 schools (listed below) to participate in empirical research relating to the “DIS School Innovation Project” (*1). Designed and organized by DIS in cooperation with education committees, public elementary and junior high schools, academic experts, and private educational institutions from across the country, the project aims to help children develop the “ability to live in a digital society”, so important for thriving in the coming years.
♦ Municipalities and schools where empirical research will be conducted
Prefecture Municipality School
Akita Ogata mura Ogata Elementary School
Fukushima Okuma machi Kumamachi Elementary School
Ono Elementary School
Chiba Funabashi shi Maruyama Elementary School
Kashiwa shi Nakahara Elementary School
Kanagawa Hiratsuka shi Kaname Elementary School
Yamato shi Nishitsuruma Elementary School
Ishikawa Uchinada machi Tsurugaoka Elementary School
Nishiaraya Elementary School
Mukaiawagasaki Elementary School
Shizuoka Shizuoka shi Shimizuejiri Elementary School
Ando Junior High School
Hamamatsu shi Kitashonai Elementary School
Inasahokubu Elementary and Junior High School
Minamishonai Elementary School
Kyoto Kameoka shi Minami Tsutsujigaoka Elementary School
Wakayama Wakayama shi Ogura Elementary School
Prefecture Municipality School
Hiroshima Takehara shi Takehara Elementary School
Fukuoka Yanagawa shi Toyohara Elementary School
Chikuzen machi Minami Elementary School
Saga Taku shi Chubu Elementary School
Seikei Junior High School
Shiroishi machi Shiroishi Elementary School
Nagasaki Nagasaki shi Narumidai Elementary School
Kumamoto Takamori machi Takamori Chuo Elementary School
Takamori Junior High School
Takamori Higashi Elementary School
Takamori Higashi Junior High School
Yamae mura Yamada Elementary School
Mae Elementary School
Yamae Junior High School
 Miyazaki Miyazaki shi Ikimedai Higashi Elementary School
Hyuga shi Zaikoji Elementary School
*1  The news release announcing the launch of the DIS School Innovation Project can be found at: 121005.html
The above schools were selected following a thorough examination of applications submitted by education committees from across the country during a public application process conducted from October 5, 2012 (Friday) to November 30, 2012 (Friday).

♦ Project Objective
The “DIS School Innovation Project” aims to facilitate ICT utilization in the classroom with the goal of having every student own an information terminal by 2020.

To achieve this objective, DIS (in collaboration with education committees, public elementary schools, local governments, academic experts, and education-related companies from across the country) will provide a complete “ICT utilization environment for the classroom” package to public elementary schools selected through a public application process (hereafter referred to as target schools). This package includes devices such as the PC CM1 educational tablet (*2), and relevant software. The project will also initiate empirical research related to such themes as “improving academic ability through the promotion of ICT-enabled education”, “developing 21st-century thinking and expression skills in students”, and “improving the educational environment through collaboration between industry, academia, government and local communities”.

*2 The CM1 is an educational tablet PC that has been jointly commercialized by Toshiba and Intel, and is suitable for the needs of students. Toshiba has developed considerable technology and expertise through its notebook PC business, and Intel has been promoting ICT education on a global basis.

♦ Empirical research results
Some of the project’s classroom content and beneficial effects (as determined by empirical research) will be presented in events organized by DIS, such as exhibitions and seminars, as well as through business activities that DIS performs in alliance with sales partners.

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