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October 5, 2012
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
President: Yoshihiro Nogami

Empirical Research on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Utilization in the Classroom and the Launch of the “DIS School Innovation Project”

Daiwabo Information System (DIS) (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; President: Yoshihiro Nogami) has designed and organized the “DIS School Innovation Project” in cooperation with education committees, public elementary schools, academic experts, and private educational institutions from across the country. The project is designed to help children develop the “ability to live in a digital society”, so important for thriving in the coming years. The project is ready to commence, on an as-needed basis, in public elementary schools selected through a public application process.

♦ Project Background
In the future, human resources will need the ability to address, in a collaborative environment, complicated and evolving problems such as a stagnant domestic economy, a weakening international competitive advantage resulting from increasing globalization, and issues arising from the increasingly rapid informatization of society. In order to develop these future human resources, there is an urgent need, in the field of education, to find ways to use information technology to nurture the “abilities required by children living in the 21st century”, and cultivate the “21st-century skills (*1)” needed in a global society.

*1  ‘21st-century skills’ refers to a range of sometimes novel abilities, critical to academic achievement and vital to success in a global society, including ICT utilization, decision making, communicating, cooperating and problem solving.

♦ Project Objective
The “DIS School Innovation Project” aims to facilitate ICT utilization in the classroom with the goal of having every student own an information terminal by 2020.
To achieve this objective, DIS (in collaboration with education committees, public elementary schools, local governments, academic experts, and education-related companies from across the country) will provide a complete “ICT utilization environment for the classroom” package to public elementary schools selected through a public application process (hereafter referred to as target schools). This package includes devices such as the PC CM1 educational tablet (*2), and relevant software. The project will also initiate empirical research related to such themes as “improving academic ability through the promotion of ICT-enabled education”, “developing 21st-century thinking and expression skills in students”, and “improving the educational environment through collaboration between industry, academia, government and local communities”.

*2 The CM1 is an educational tablet PC that has been jointly commercialized by Toshiba and Intel, and is suitable for the needs of students. Toshiba has developed considerable technology and expertise through its notebook PC business, and Intel has been promoting ICT education on a global basis.
<Project diagram>

You can see the application procedure and eligibility conditions for becoming a target school on the following web page:
(The “DIS School Innovation Project” website)
♦ Project Summary
(1) Project period
From the day the ICT School Environment package is supplied to a school until March 2015
(2) Target schools
Approximately 30 public elementary schools from across the country
* Participation by middle high schools is subject to negotiation.

Selection and public application process
Application period: October 5, 2012, to November 30, 2012
The executive office at DIS screens applications and makes selections, as needed,
beginning in mid-October, 2012.
(3) ICT School Environment package provided to schools
• CM1 educational tablet PCs for learning
• Notebook PC for the teacher
• Class-support software
• Storing and charging cart for portable tablet PCs
• Wireless LAN access points
• Digital teaching materials
• Spreadsheet, documentation and presentation software for students
• Software for collaborative learning
• Face authentication software
• Information provision system for emergencies
• Software for publishing digital picture story books
(4) Application procedure
Applicants must complete the DIS-designated form obtainable from the education committee of their respective municipality.

Please see the following web page for details:
Alliance partners (in order of the Japanese syllabary)

Intel Corporation NTT Communications Corporation
Gaia Education Co., Ltd. Good Grief, Inc.
JR Shikoku Communications Ware Co., Ltd. Cisco Systems G.K.
JustSystems Corporation T.D.I., Ltd.
Suzuki Educational Software Co., Ltd. Tokyo Shoseki Co., Ltd.
Toshiba Information Equipment Co., Ltd. Benesse Corporation
McAfee Co., Ltd. Miracle Linux Corporation

Congratulatory statements from alliance partners
Intel Corporation is very pleased with the launch of the “DIS School Innovation Project” promoted by Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. We are also promoting the development of 21st-century skills in school education, and we expect that this project will facilitate the application and utilization of ICT in the field of education, and contribute greatly to the development of 21st-century skills.
Kazumasa Yoshida
Intel Corporation
Toshiba Information Equipment Co., Ltd., wholeheartedly welcomes the launch of the “DIS School Innovation Project” by Daiwabo Information Systems Co., Ltd. As one of the alliance partners, we offer our cooperation to foster the application and utilization of ICT in the classroom. We sincerely believe that the project will make a great contribution to the development of children’s “ability to live in the 21st century”.
Takeshi Kageyama
Toshiba Information Equipment Co., Ltd.

Please look here to see congratulatory statements from other alliance partners
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trademarks of their respective companies.

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