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August 28, 2012
Trend Micro Incorporated
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. and Trend Micro Incorporated announce their collaboration regarding security measures for PCs and tablet terminals
- offering 1,000,000 PCs and 100,000 tablet terminals, bundled with a security
service requiring no management server, for small to medium-sized companies -

Daiwabo Information System (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; President: Yoshihiro Nogami; hereafter referred to as DIS) and Trend Micro Incorporated (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Eva Yi-Fen Chen; First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4704; hereafter referred to as Trend Micro) will collaborate to offer security measures for PCs and tablet terminals.

On September 20*1, DIS will begin selling Trend Micro's SaaS security service, 'Virusbuster™ Business Security Service' (hereafter referred to as VBBSS), offering both monthly-fee and annual-fee versions. At the same time, we will sell PCs and tablet terminals bundled with the release version, or a 30-day evaluation version, of VBBSS*2. We plan to ship 1,000,000 PCs and 100,000 tablet terminals*3, bundled with VBBSS and designed for corporate customers, within the first year.

*1 The annual-fee version will be launched in October 2012.
*2 Some PCs or tablet terminals may not be bundled with VBBSS.
*3 Figures include PCs and tablet terminals bundled with the 30-day evaluation version.

DIS and Trend Micro have been collaborating in selling security software for clients and servers, through DIS's 17,000 sales partners across Japan. In this initiative, we are adding Trend Micro's SaaS security service to our product lineup, offering products bundled with the service, to help small to medium-sized companies strengthen the security measures of their PCs and tablet terminals.

Not merely PCs but also tablet terminals are increasingly under threat of malware attack. In August 2010, Trend Micro confirmed for the first time the existence of malware that could infect the Android system, and as of June 2012*4 confirmed a total of over 25,000 malware threats to the system. There is an urgent need for companies to implement measures against malware, not merely in the case of PCs but also tablet terminals. Customers can achieve integrated management of PCs and tablet terminals with Trend Micro's SaaS VBBSS, without need of a management server.

*4 Source; Trend Micro: Security report for the second quarter of 2012

The suggested retail prices and particulars of the two products are as follows:
Product Suggested retail price (excluding tax) Scheduled date of launch
Virusbuster Business Security Service
Powered by DIS
Monthly-fee version: 500 yen/mo per license September 20, 2012
Virusbuster Business Security Service
Powered by DIS
Annual-fee version: Open price October 2012

• Virusbuster Business Security Service
Virusbuster Business Security Service is a SaaS security service that allows users to login through the management screen on the cloud and confirm the update of pattern files, the history of virus searches, and the history of unauthorized access to the website, by installing a server for the management of each device in Trend Micro's data center. Customers can reduce the costs involved in the operation of a server and the labor of the manager, because they do not need to install a management service inside the company. In addition, they can activate the security measures with little delay, because they can install the Virusbuster Business Security Service as early as one day after filing an application. Devices must have a Windows, Android or Mac operating system*5 in order to utilize the VBBSS.

*5 Please refer to the system requirements for the supporting operating systems.

• Introductory web page of Virusbuster Business Security Service

* The company names and product names mentioned above are the registered trademarks or trademarks of each company.

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