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July 13, 2011
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
IBM Japan, Ltd.

Release of Packaged Product for Building Fast and Easy Virtual Application Servers

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as DIS; President: Yoshihiro Nogami), with the cooperation of IBM Japan, Ltd. (NYSE: IBM; hereafter referred to as IBM Japan; President: Takayuki Hashimoto), has launched the "DIS Easy Virtual Package Plus" (hereafter referred to as EVPP), which bundles a server, virtualization software, and applications to help medium-sized business customers build and install a virtual application server quickly and easily.

EVPP, which is being released today, can be purchased as a set by selecting one or more of a wide range of applications, including business applications, groupware, asset management, and security applications; in addition to the "DIS Easy Virtual Package," which comes with a server needed to build a virtual server environment, virtualization software, and a setup guide. Furthermore, we serve the needs of our customers by providing essential services, including embedding hardware, building virtual environments, and setting up applications.

EVPP eliminates the need for server virtualization, server selection in virtualization and integration, and the designing of optimum computing resources for application operations, and allows customers to build virtual server-based application servers quickly and easily.

With the release of EVPP, DIS and IBM Japan are introducing the "DIS Easy Virtual Package Support Center" to provide technical support to customers, beginning today in two locations: DIS Tokyo Branch Office (Shinagawa, Tokyo) and IBM Japan Headquarters (Chuo, Tokyo). At these DIS Easy Virtual Package Support Centers, technical experts from DIS and IBM Japan will provide technical support to customers, verify operations of EVPP-provided virtual servers, and plan applications, in addition to other services to be added in coming days.

�In the future, DIS plans to provide services that will meet the needs of our clients, such as preinstalled models that can be provided as virtual appliances, as well as application modules that can easily install additional applications.

In addition, DIS Technical Service Co., Ltd., a DIS group company, plans to provide support to our clients, with such services as kitting of the packaged product, on-site installation, and after-care support.

We aim to accelerate the implementation of virtual servers by medium-sized businesses by inviting software vendor partners to expand our lineup of applications and enhancing co-promotion efforts between DIS, IBM Japan and other software vendors.

About the DIS Easy Virtual Package
The DIS Easy Virtual Package was developed under the rubric, "Easy, fast, and just right!"
Its dedicated manual allows users to easily integrate several servers and build virtual environment by themselves; and DIS's original virtualization product implements and installs the virtual environment in a short time, with the insertion of the VMwareESXi-preinstalled USB flash memory into the server-exclusive slot, and the automatic execution of the operation procedure.

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