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December 7, 2009
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
bplats, Inc.

Daiwabo Information System to offer
service for distribution of SaaS/PaaS in collaboration with bplats

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as DIS; Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; President: Yoshihiro Nogami) will launch the new iDATEN SaaS service in January 2010 in collaboration with bplats, Inc. (hereafter referred to as bplats; Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Kenji Fujita) to distribute SaaS/PaaS products through DIS agents using SaaSplats, which is bplats' SaaS/PaaS distribution service.

The Internet environment is a prerequisite for the use of netbook PCs, and the market for netbook PCs with WiMAX capability is expected to show rapid growth. Because a netbook PC has neither enough capacity to store installable application software products nor enough space to store large files, demand is growing for an assortment of SaaS type services that provide software functions via the network.

Distribution channels based on conventional sales agreements cannot cope with the features of SaaS/PaaS type services, such as monthly accounting and pay-as-you-go accounting, making it difficult to distribute a wide variety of service type products through such channels. The limited number of products of different varieties and agents have inconvenienced users and prevented the dissemination of products.

Because DIS agents will start to offer the new iDATEN SaaS service jointly provided by bplats and DIS, distribution and sales management of SaaS/PaaS type services will be easier. In addition, SaaS/PaaS type services are expected to spread because users will be able to select and purchase SaaS products from the network of DIS agents.

DIS will start to distribute Google Apps™ for the sharing of office information; the OpSource Cloud™ public cloud service from OpSource; Panda Cloud Office Protection, which is an end-point security solution from Panda Security; and InfoTrace-OnDemand, a log management service from Soliton Systems.

In addition to these products, DIS will expand SaaS/PaaS type services for PCs, including offering SaaS products free of charge for a certain period with a view to registering 200 titles of SaaS/PaaS type services at the earliest possible time. (*Each company or product name is the brand or registered trademark of the company concerned.)

Utilizing the SaaSplats service offered by bplats, DIS will provide SaaS type applications as a value-added service to users of DIS mobile WiMAX, which DIS has been actively marketing.

Summary of the iDATEN SaaS service
  Launch date:  Scheduled for January 2010
  Distribution method:  We will distribute the service through the EC site embedded with the SaaSplats mechanism of bplats.
*We will announce the launch of the service on our DIS website as well as the DIS-operated EC site "iDATEN." Please apply to a DIS agent for the service.
  Product lines: SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  Features:  Easily search SaaS/PaaS products and place orders.
 Perform procedures such as order management and cancellation on-screen.
 Obtain services for partial use of SaaS/PaaS products on a trial basis.
What SaaS/PaaS distribution services are offered by SaaSplats?
  SaaSplats solves problems with sales of SaaS/PaaS, providing the following services in an integrated manner.
   Platform for multi-tier sales management of monthly services of SaaS/PaaS
 Service model adaptable to the business of existing distribution networks and agents
 Payment representative service for monthly accounting and pay-as-you-go accounting
  In addition, it has a high degree of freedom that allows the users to utilize it as their own special service.
Image of distribution
(DIS    Masanori Aoi: Deputy General Manager, WiMAX Promotion Dept., Metropolitan and Kanto Sales Div.)
The market for monthly accounting services like SaaS is expected to expand. We are positioning the monthly accounting service as a promising product for the future because it has a high degree of compatibility with our WiMAX business. We are planning to enter the market fast by utilizing the system and services offered by bplats, which specializes in the distribution of SaaS, and to actively expand the market in cooperation with our 17,000 sales partners.
(bplats, Inc.    President: Kenji Fujita)
bplats was founded in 2006 by people with accumulated experience and expertise in online sales of software products for corporate users. We plan, develop, and manage new distribution businesses of SaaS as a distributor of SaaS/PaaS products. Through our collaboration with the leading IT distributor Daiwabo Information System, we have strong expectations that SaaS/PaaS will become a familiar alternative for agents and corporate users.
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