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Feb. 20, 2007
Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.

The new BtoBtoB service “iDATEN EX” begins operation

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. (DIS; Head Office: Chuo-ku, Osaka; President: Hirokazu Matsumoto) has decided to start its new BtoBtoB ASP Service “iDATEN EX” in April 2007.
“iDATEN EX” is a new BtoBtoB ASP (Application Service Provider) service. It enables sales partners not only to construct their EC websites easily by utilizing the BtoB EC “iDATEN”(*1) website provided by DIS, but also to use the database of about 400,000 products offered by DIS, whereby they can dramatically reduce operations the need to perform operations such as renewal and registration.

“iDATEN EX” is an ASP service by which sales partners can easily construct EC websites for corporate customers by using the database of PCs, software products, and information appliances that DIS handles on “iDATEN.”

With “iDATEN EX” each of our sales partners can use the database of about 400,000 products selected from DIS's database-one of the largest in the IT industry-as if it were its own database. In addition, sales partners can offer same-day delivery by using DIS's distribution infrastructure, which involves 14 automated distribution centers across the country.

At the same time, with the help of the “iDATEN EX ” functions, sales partners can drastically reduce their operational workloads by asking DIS to take care of such main operations as registration of products with the database, updating of the database, inventory tasks, and the issuing of orders to suppliers, each of which is a issue that needs to be settled for the operation of EC websites.

We are planning to launch “iDATEN EX” in three series and to introduce it to 200 companies in 2007.

Major functions of “iDATEN EX”

1. Sales partners do not need further investment in the system, because it is an ASP service.
2. EC websites based on “iDATEN EX” has design layouts that satisfy the need to add original products.
3. Sales partners can use the database of about 400,000 IT-related products, which is renewed automatically by DIS.
4. Sales partners can package various functions, including a high-performance search engine, on the EC website.
5. Sales partners can offer same-day delivery by utilizing DIS's logistic infrastructure, which can also confirm shipment status for sales partners.

An extranet system for sales partners that offers information on about 1 million products handled by DIS and inventory information on about 30,000 items. It offers such functions as product searches, quotations, ordering, and information on order status. It has been in service since 3 July 2000
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