Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. is one of the largest trading companies specializing in IT-related products in Japan.


DIS Group

Solution serviceDSol

DIS Solution Co., Ltd. (DSol) offers total solutions in response to customer requirements, with its ICT-based solution service, maintenance, and operational support.


DSol offers advanced information technology to increase a company’s competitive edge through higher productivity, reduced costs, faster decision making, and stronger customer relations; and supports the construction of a collaborative environment enabling operational execution not only in the company workplace but anywhere and anytime, regardless of the device.

  • Support for improved work style
  • Unified communication
  • Video conferencing, web conferencing

Cloud Service

DSol offers a one-stop service for monitoring, maintaining, and operating equipment, with the aid of the full-time system engineers in its data center. In addition, it offers the SaaS service to strengthen security and increase operational efficiency.

  • Housing service
  • IT asset management service with measures to prevent information leakage
  • File sharing service
  • One-time password authentication service
  • Anti-virus service
  • Collaborative option for transfer guidance, etc.


Constructing an efficient network environment is crucial for a smooth-running system. DSol supports the construction of the latest, optimal network environment, from design, construction, and maintenance, to operational monitoring.

  • Construction of Internet, LAN, and WAN environments
  • Monitoring the operation of DSol’s data center
  • Design and construction of virtual environments
  • Design and construction of cloud environments

Design and construction of infrastructure

Based on an analysis of the possible tasks in a network environment, the DIS group provides total support for the investigation and study of the most suitable infrastructure for corporate networking, as well as its design and construction.

  • Construction of communication environments such as communication servers and PBX networks
  • Design and construction of wireless LAN environments
  • Offering total support, from the proposal of an office layout to the construction of an office

System development

Offering consulting based on a survey and analysis of each customer’s business operations, DSol develops systems, such as information systems, control systems, and operation systems, which fully satisfy customers’ needs.

  • Construction of optimal basic systems for key elements of corporate management environments, such as production, sales, personnel, and finance
  • Construction of in-company systems and information systems based on advanced technologies such as the latest web development technology

Maintenance and operation support

We perform maintenance on introduced instruments, network environments, and various kinds of systems, and maintain the overall environment, to ensure secure customer utilization.

  • Call center reception system
  • Recovery support for system failures
  • Remote response using remote control
  • Preventive maintenance through periodical inspection

DIS Solution Co., ltd.

DIS proposes an optimal solution service in collaboration with DIS Solution.