Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. is one of the largest trading companies specializing in IT-related products in Japan.


Corporate information

Social media

Social media: List of official DIS accounts

The official social media accounts approved by Daiwabo Information System are introduced.

Official DIS Facebook page for DIS mobile WiMAX

It presents information on «DIS mobile» offered by DIS.

Facebook page(Japanese version only)

Official Facebook page for DIS Education

It introduces DIS’s approach toward the field of education (elementary and secondary education).

Facebook page(Japanese version only)

Official Facebook page of Smart Work Research Institute

You can find clues to help you increase the sophistication of your working style, including the latest news, real-world cases, and information on solutions.

Facebook page(Japanese version only)

Official YouTube page of DIS

You can see video content presented by DIS.

YouTube page (Japanese version only)

Social media policy

The official Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
social media account policy is as follows:

Basic social media policy

When using social media, our employees must abide by state laws and our “Code of Conduct”, communicating with stakeholders as sensible members of society with no departure from sound common sense in speech or behavior.

Cognizance and attitude in using social media

Recognizing that Internet content may be seen by a wide range of people, our employees must be careful not to produce thoughtless or irresponsible comments or other content, which may demean the status of DIS employees as members of society; and must, at all times and in general, take great care to act responsibly.

Employee use of social media

Please note that social media information transmitted by employees who manage our official accounts does not necessarily represent the official announcements or opinions of DIS. The latter are transmitted through our official web site and news releases.