Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. is one of the largest trading companies specializing in IT-related products in Japan.


Corporate information


DIS continues to evolve as a company with the aim of becoming number one in customer satisfaction.

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.
Yoshihiro Nogami President

A traditional multi-store strategy since its foundation, and a community-based sales system

Since its foundation, DIS has been contributing to the expansion of the Japanese information technology market, including personal computers, by establishing community-based service and support networks, facilitated by a strategy of increasing the number of stores nationwide and constructing an immediate delivery system based on wide-ranging selection and highly advanced distribution functionality.

DIS currently has around 90 sales bases across the country, and a nationwide network of distribution centers to serve every corner of the country, from Hokkaido to Okinawa; and handles as many as 2.1 million IT-related items from every corner of the world, as a general multivendor distributor of IT-related products.

We are making constant and concerted efforts to strengthen our information-gathering and sales abilities, along with the competitiveness of our products, in addition to achieving low-cost operations, with the help of a sales management system supported
by state-of-the-art technology. These efforts allow us to provide highly useful information to our sales partners in a timely manner, and give our suppliers marketing information feedback specific to their respective area.

Offering superior service and support, through the concerted efforts of the DIS group

Customer demand for information technology changes rapidly, and is continually more sophisticated and diverse. We are committed to providing complete service and support to sales partners and their customers alike by combining the forces of our group companies as a "a prominent and personalized distributor." United in their commitment to the company’s "Customer First and Community-Based Business" policy, our employees visit customers in every corner of the country, finding business solutions using a "Face to Face" approach.

Evolving as a reliable distributor

At the same time, we are working actively for environmental conservation in compliance with ISO14001, as well as the promotion of culture and the arts, and social contribution activities, cultivating beneficial relations with local communities and customers. In our business operations in particular, we are promoting "Green IT Activities" to promote environmentally-friendly, ecology-conscious products to customers, as part of our companywide active social contribution program.

Today both society and the IT industry are changing at an accelerated pace. Taking advantage of this as a great opportunity for business expansion, we are engaged in continual self-development as a dependable distributor, able to satisfy customer expectations through constant, creative and rapid adaptation to the changing needs of the time.