Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. is one of the largest trading companies specializing in IT-related products in Japan.


Introduction of business and services

Communication service and mobile business

SIM cards for SIM Lock-free terminals and mobile communication services like WiMAX
We offer support to those at a loss about how to start using these two kinds of services, who say to themselves, “I have no idea which service I should choose,” or “I have no idea how I should start using the service.”

Communication services

The mobile data communication service enables wireless high-speed Internet inside and outside the home.
Various router-type communication services centered on DIS mobile WiMAX enable users to enjoy the Internet on the day they buy the service, by combining it with various types of mobile terminals, without wiring work.
We also offer various SIM-based communication services that can be combined with SIM lock-free smartphones and routers.

Mobile business

We handle various models of tablets, smartphones, and WiFi routers, some of them the latest SIM lock-free models, from within and outside Japan.
We have established an environment to ensure customer security and reliability, by setting up windows for various communication services, introduction support service, and initial failure and repair, as well as offering a wide and abundant variety of products.

  • Introduction support services like kitting and setup
  • Windows for initial failure and repair
  • Support for introducing Windows mobile devices, including consulting and providing information for seminars and events at the Windows Mobile Business Center
  • MVNO support function (delivery agent, etc.)

*We sell out suppliers' products only in the japanes domestic market.