Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd. is one of the largest trading companies specializing in IT-related products in Japan.


Introduction of business and services


iDATEN is an integrated IT portal site aimed at offering support for every aspect of your business.

What is iDATEN?

iDATEN, which connects customers and DIS, is one of the largest electronic commerce (BtoB) systems in the Japanese IT industry. It enables product searches, quotation requests, and order processing, and delivers data confirmations for all products handled by DIS. With this highly organized sales support functionality, iDATEN helps our customers do business at an accelerated pace.

iDATEN also selects and delivers information deemed necessary for each customer, thus supporting our customers in their sales activities in the rapidly changing information society, by delivering information useful to each customer in a timely manner.
In future, we plan to construct an environment that enables our customers to support their end users, and to make iDATEN an IT portal site connecting all parties concerned, from manufacturers to end users and our customers.

iDATEN features

1A huge assortment of items are available from iDATEN: roughly 2.2 million from about 1,200 manufacturers.

iDATEN enables 24-hour, 365-day search capabilities, quotation requests, order processing, and delivery date confirmation for every one of these items.

2Its off-the-shelf delivery system enables customers to receive immediate delivery of an order.

We manage 30,000 items in stock collectively with the help of our self-developed distribution function, and ship orders immediately from our distribution center network, which covers every region of the country.

3Supporting customers in their business with our sales support function

Through our sales support site, we provide various kinds of information including product information, market summaries, proposal materials, and materials for manufacturer partnerships, to support our customers’ business and proposals to end users.

iDATEN’s business support function

Sales support contents


You can search and browse solution cases helpful for solving end user issues, which makes your proposal activities more substantial and increases their efficiency.

Providing the latest information

Event information

You can see events, including exhibitions and seminars, that DIS hosts across the country. Applications for admission are accepted as needed.

PC-Webzine Degital Book

You can read articles in our online PC-Webzine Degital Book monthly magazine.

iDATEN Primer

You can use more substantial functions by signing up for iDATEN.

Introduction of iDATEN Plus

BtoBtoB System for dealers

iDATEN Plus is a BtoBtoB tool that enables our customers to provide end users with a shop site equipped with the same product search and order processing functions as iDATEN. It contains roughly 600,000 items, and helps our customers increase the efficiency of order processing and strengthen their relations with end users.
You can use these functions for free by registering with iDATEN.
※They are not available for customers who use cardless iDATEN.

Introduction of iDATEN EX2

A new sales tool that utilizes ‘Tablet + Cloud’

iDATEN EX2 is a sales tool solution we offer to our dealers.
iDATEN EX2 is a BtoBtoB cloud service capable of constructing an EC site. Equipped with a design function more powerful than that of iDATEN Plus, it is browsable by tablet and smartphone.
You can use this function for a fee by signing up for iDATEN.

Using iDATEN EX2 with a PC or tablet, you can make presentations involving searched products, and issue quotations on the spot.


Subscription management portal

iKAZUCHI is a subscription management portal that we offer to DIS dealers.
It allows dealers to add new registrations and manage continuous contract services, such as monthly- and annually-charged subscriptions.
iKAZUCHI supports various Cloud services, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, all of which are available to DIS dealers free of charge.

*We sell out suppliers' products only in the japanes domestic market.